Richard Webster Memorial Lecture – The Dangers of False Allegations

It’s all too easy to make false allegations and ruin lives.

Crime Jottings

“False Accusations their impact on the Individual, the Family and Society “

Mark Newby’s Speech at the Richard Webster Memorial Lecture Held on 13th October 2012 at the University of Wrexham

Thank you for inviting me to be speaking at this Memorial Lecture on the spectre of false allegations and the effects that they bring upon society.

Of course no-one expressed the inherent dangers more eloquently that Richard Webster, Richard took up the cudgels of the dangers of false allegations and their consequences using his great analytical and academic skills and like all those who came to the arena a fresh was able to stand aside from being an interested party and identify what has seriously gone wrong with false allegations and the way in which such allegations can cause so much damage in our society.

The Great Children Homes Panic and the Secret of Bryn Estyn remain a “tour…

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