Awesome true story


Have you read ‘127 Hours (between a rock and a hard place)’?

My sister sent this book to me while I was still in the Cambodian prison. It’s the most amazing true story of how Aron Ralston‘s love for the great outdoors led him to become trapped in the Utah canyonlands. A boulder pinned his right hand and wrist against a canyon wall.

I quote from the book cover…..

‘ Through six days of hell, with scant water, food, or warm clothing, and the terrible knowledge that no one knew where he was, Aron eliminated his escape options one by one. Then a moment of stark clarity helped him solve the riddle of the boulder – and commit  one of the extreme and desperate acts imaginable’.

This book gave me a huge amount of strength when I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Aron applied cool and methodical thinking to solve his problem, didn’t give up on life and despite the forced change in his life went on to further achievements.

An inspiration to us all.

Aron Ralston

There is a film as well but I prefer the book.

The book is published by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.

ISBN: 978-1-84983-390-5

and for information about the film:

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