Putting the “Evolution” in Revolution

How do we maintain our own well being when the ‘movers and shakers’ around the world take actions that invade our lives?

The most important part of our lives is ‘now’.  Our path in life crosses that of others so at times we share our life with others, to a greater or lesser extent. This means others enter our ‘now’ and we theirs. Some will become friends, some enemies, others moving through like ships in the night.

‘Now’ also has a spacial aspect to it. For instance other people, things and places exist even though they are not in my immediate ‘now’. I may be totally unaware that they even exist yet they have an effect on me, on my ‘now’.

It is this spacial aspect that presents us with many dilemmas. Some things happening elsewhere some good some bad. If a person has worked hard to create a comfortable now for themselves  should they become involved in issues happening elsewhere?  If the answer is yes how do they do this in a positive way to avoid stress, anger and violence?

Food for thought.

The following blog entry is very interesting…

Putting the “Evolution” in Revolution.

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