How crazy can the system get. Whilst I’m not in favor of gun ownership I believe it’s the person’s state of mind that causes the problem. Maybe all parents should get a psychiatric examination and produce a certificate to say they are sane! :))))))))))

I should add that I think here in the UK you have to get a gun licence through the police and I think they have to do a background check and if you have a psychiatric condition you would probably be refused. I’m no expert on this but I think that’s how it works. It’s not full proof as we experience problems like the school shootings in Dunblane, Scotland.  Then on the other hand gun ownership in the UK is small and for sporting use/farming only.


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  1. MisBehaved Woman says:

    Thanks for the reblog. The *great gun debate* is a topic I generally try to avoid but like I said; this isn’t about the actual item being banned, it’s about another over-reaching law that was built out of knee-jerk reactions instead of common sense. No one knows thought enough ahead to consider just how this particular law would or could be enforced – or where the money will come from to enforce it but hey, let’s not sweat those details and just get on with makin’ us safe (and getting votes for doing it of course)!
    And mental health? Phooey….none of our Talking Media Heads will even bring up the fact that there might be any connection between mental health and violence. Could it be because our only mental health care options are either insured treatment or prison treatment? We tossed all of our mentally ill out into the streets and shuttered our facilities years ago. It’s as much a crime to be mentally ill in America as it is to pull a gun on someone and both *offenses* land you in the exact same place – prison. Why bother with research, analysis, better preventative treatments when there’s so much more money to be made from incarcerating folks and then providing them next to no care? :-/

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