“Innocent until proven guilty”, not if you are accused of abuse.

Britain has an enviable and deserved reputation for upholding freedom, equality, truth and justice. We have gone to war to end tyranny, defeat terrorism and ensure just outcomes for oppressed people. We did so almost 100 years ago, then 25 years later and more recently in the Falklands and Afghanistan.

 Each time we have argued that the values we hold dear as a nation are so precious that we must fight, to the death if necessary, to preserve them.

 Millions of soldiers, airman and navy personnel have given their lives honouring these values and believing that they would be cherished for ever.

 How they must weep knowing, as we who are left behind know, that Britain is no longer a place for truth seekers, that once cherished values have become meaningless, and that the fight for justice, for which they were prepared to lay down their lives, has been hijacked by those who seek vengeance not the truth.

 As a nation we must be concerned about recent accounts of celebrity scandal and the re-emergence, however bizarre, of past care home practice in North Wales and elsewhere.

 But we must never abandon, as we seem to have done, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, the right to a fair hearing and the right for the innocent to be exonerated.

 We must always keep in mind, no matter the circumstances, age, gender or status of individuals that any allegations they make are just that – allegations not facts. Believable yes – but not necessarily true.

 We must not allow individuals to terrorise, as they are doing, innocent people and must fight every tendency, whether it be in the media, the official musings of bureaucrats, or in statements made by those with vested professional interests, to forget the real meaning of truth and of justice.

 The fact is that the resultant pre-occupation and moral panic over abuse allegations in our culture is often misplaced, and has given way to a new form of cultural terrorism. Sexual abuse, in all it’s forms is abhorrent but being falsely accused of sexual abuse is also truly terrifying.


The above is taken from the quarterly newsletter of the British organisation called FACT (Falsely Accused Carers, Teachers and other professionals). Set up to campaign for and support people who have been falsely accused or convicted through their work.

For more information their web site is www.factuk.org

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