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OpenTrial.Org –  the independent check on legal systems, with the audacity to expect justice!

The worst type of criminal is a judge, police officer or prosecutor who, by betraying truth, justice and public trust, undermines fairness and equality before the law. For this reason OpenTrial focuses on internet-exposure to public scrutiny to deter corruption, human rights abuse and injustice by developing-world police, judges and prosecutors. Fear, the ‘I’m all right Jack’ attitude and apathy mean, all too often, a blind eye is turned to such dysfunction. Work with us to:

stop the rape and sexual exploitation of female suspects by police,


stop extortion by prosecutors that leaves families homeless and penniless,


stop the torturing and shooting of suspects by police,


stop the destruction of business, employment and livelihoods by corrupt police, prosecutors and judges, and


stop the jailing on trumped-up charges of innocents, many of whom are family breadwinners, by the criminal and corrupt.

Only through civil engagement with the law and public scrutiny of the justice sector, can the rule of law properly spread and take hold around the world. Help us in reducing the scope for corruption, violence and human rights abuse within developing-world legal systems and, thereby, enhance fairness and equality before the law in aid of national development and human dignity.

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