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We live in a world that is increasingly characterised as full of risk, danger and threat. Every day a new social issue emerges to assail our sensibilities and consciences. Whether we are academics, researchers, policy makers, welfare practitioners or simply members of the public, we feel paralysed as to know how to respond; we do not know what to do and whom to trust.

This seminar series, sponsored by the UK’s Economic Social and Research Council (ESRC) is examining some 21st century social issues and anxieties through the concept of moral panic. It is bringing together academics, policy makers, practitioners, journalists and service users to debate and discuss the place of moral panics in policy and practice today at seminars in Edinburgh (November 2012), Bath (May 2013) and November (Cardiff 2013).

To coincide with the seminar series, contributors to the series are writing blogs (published here) and peer reviewed journal articles. All publications can be accessed from our seminar series website.

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