Video: Save UK Justice demonstration 22 May 2013

We must break away from the lunacy of following America. Isn’t the Scandinavian system better?


Video footage of speeches at the demonstration outside Parliament on 22 May 2013 for the Save UK Justice campaign. Full credit goes to Glenn McMahon who shot the videos and kindly made them available to me. You can see more of Glenn’s videos here and learn more about Glenn’s work on his blog, The Meddler

Clive Stafford-Smith warns of move towards US style legal system. The founder of Reprieve says a good defence lawyer will become the preserve of the rich:

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Black defendants will lost trusted high street solicitors from legal aid reforms, warns QC. Courtenay Griffiths QC warns that small & trusted high street solicitor firms that represent ethnic minorities will be first to disappear after changes to legal aid:

Please sign the petition

Government Ministers to keep legal aid while cutting it for the poor. Helena Kennedy asks how much legal aid was spent on representing…

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