Angkor Orphan and Education Organization (AOEO)



I was saddened yesterday to read in the Cambodia Daily newspaper of yet another case of allegations made against someone trying to help the poor and vulnerable.

It is so easy to make allegations and where they are untrue the lives of many are destroyed in an instance. In Cambodia there is a melting pot of reasons why such allegations can come about from a disgruntled employee to over zealous child protection organisations. It’s just so easy to make the allegation which sets in train a downward cascade of destruction. Where false allegations are made one has to ask who has the power and who is the abuser?

No doubt by this time most, if not all, the support for Angkor Orphan and Education Organization (AOEO) will have dissipated in a cloud of mistrust and misinformation leaving the future of the staff and children in the balance. Think of the stress they have been going through. 


Orphanage Director Released, Back at Work

The director of a Siem Reap orphanage who was arrested in March for allegedly abusing two girls under his care has been released after one of the girls recanted her statement, officials said Monday.

Morn Savuth, director of Siem Reap City’s Angkor Orphan and Education Organization (AOEO), was released from provincial prison last Friday and immediately returned to his position at the orphanage where there are about 20 children aged 5- to 18-years-old—including one of his alleged victims—under his care.

“We did not find any concrete evidence [of sexual abuse] and one of the girls also recanted her statements from March that accused the suspect,” provincial Judge Kay Sao said Monday in defense of his decision to release the orphanage director.

……………… The Siem Reap Provincial Court initially charged Mr. Savuth with sexual abuse in the case of the elder girl, but not the younger. Judge Sao added that when he questioned the victim late last month, the 12-year-old told him that an unidentified man working at AOEO had forced her to lie about the alleged rape.

Full article here …….


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4 Responses to Angkor Orphan and Education Organization (AOEO)

  1. I am involved with AOEO and have been since the start .They are settling down now after all the trauma and we are getting on with the running and the care of all the children there now.. They are all very happy.and I and my husband will continue to support them

    • Hi Faye

      Thank you so much for letting us know. I am so pleased to hear the children are happy again.

      These issues of false allegations can destroy everything thank you for showing the courage to stick with it. I hope others will rally around you and support.

    • Josh says:

      Last year we came and visited the orphanage and made a donation. Recently, a gentlemen calling himself Na Rub has requested funds from us, I’d like to get in touch with you to verify some details as we’d like to continue supporting the children there. How can we get in contact?

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