Combating Pervasive Corruption Must Take a Multipronged Approach


July 24, 2013


This month, Transparency International released its latest Global Corruption Barometer. Surveying over 114,000 respondents across more than 100 countries, Transparency International reports that more than half of those surveyed believe that corruption has worsened in their country in the last two years, since the last Global Corruption Barometer was released in 2010/2011. Moreover, the majority (54%) of people surveyed also believe that their government is ineffective at fighting corruption. This is an increase over the 47 percent in 2010/2011 who said they lacked confidence in their government’s effectiveness in combating corruption.

….. In Cambodia and India, an astonishing 57 and 54 percent, respectively, reported having paid a bribe in the last year, double the global average of 27 percent who had reported paying a bribe. When bribes were isolated by public services, such as law enforcement, the judiciary, or land services, those rates go up even more in many countries.


Read the full article  Combating Pervasive Corruption Must Take a Multipronged Approach.




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