Cambodia – Local Trafficking NGO Denies Financial Misconduct

Unless I’m mistaken this article concerns the same NGO that was involved in the false allegations which resulted in the appalling actions taken against the mother and daughter team who ran the Love in Action orphanage.

The Cambodia Daily –  By  – August 17, 2013

The founder of local anti-human trafficking NGO Sisha, Steve Morrish, announced on Friday he was stepping down from his position due to a raft of allegations accusing him of financial impropriety.

….. According to a letter sent to Sisha’s board in August by a former executive director of Sisha USA, the organization’s fundraising arm, hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to specific causes—including a scholarship program for female victims of trafficking and sexual abuse financed by the Gina Rinehart Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls—have instead been spent on Sisha’s operating costs.

Other programs where funds have allegedly been misused include a crisis support center in Battambang province and another fund to help orphans, according to the letter.

The letter was sent by Sean Looney, the former executive director of Sisha USA, a charitable organization that aims to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and bonded labor in Southeast Asia. In his letter, Mr. Looney alleges that “Mr. Morrish is effectively running something akin to a not for profit Ponzi scheme.”

He added that “financial mismanagement” at Sisha had led to “high overhead[s], and exorbitant travel costs” for staff at the organization.


Read the full article here…

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