Open your eyes – this is not fiction!

Review from Amazon:

I read this book straight through, couldn’t put it down.
It is very well constructed and written – but OMG! the horror these people were put through for baseless accusations, false evidence and prosecutors determined to get a conviction regardless of truth and justice. These cases mainly started in the 1980’s when accusations of child sex abuse was at fever pitch in America. The accusations and “evidence” were ludicrous and ilogical and the accounts document the immoral tactics used to get allegations out of the mouths of young children who initially insisted nothing bad had happened but were then manipulated and their words twisted into what the investigators wanted to get. The people’s lives were destroyed, they were convicted and sent to prison for crimes that had not even occurred let alone by them. Most have since been released but as at the time the book was written – published 2003 – one man was still in prison after 16 years.
It seems there were “experts” and various professionals, lawyers who would make a lot of money out of constructing cases – it was big business by the sound of it – regardless of the truth and the welfare of the children they were getting this false information out of – they manipulated them until they believed dreadful things had happened to them. and the convicted people were considered unrehabilitated and unfit for parole because they maintained their innocence instead of “taking responsibility” and confessing. These examples are disgraceful miscarriages of justice, I cannot find any words that adequately reflect how disgusting the prosecutor’s behaviours were – and in the Land of the Free as well! The country that believes itself to be the best democracy in the world and that it has the right to take moral outrage at what happens in other countries.

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