Exploring the issues of the effect the media & publicity has on investigations

I’m looking forward to attending this important seminar in central London. These are very important issues, I’m pleased to see they are being openly discussed.


Crime and the Media: Social Science Perspectives


Trial by MediaFalse Appeals by Apparent Victims of CrimeCitizen Journalism and Wrongful Convictions and many other issues emerge from the way that newspapers and television programmes feed on crimes and the lives of criminals.

  • How really useful are public appeals for help with police investigations?  
  • How does media coverage of sensational crimes influence policy making?  
  • Are documentary makers aware or concerned of the implications of their presentation of crimes? 

These and many other issues are explored in this innovative day seminar which brings together academics and practitioners to discuss some of the implications of the ways the mass media fill their pages and schedules with offenders and offending. 


(all speakers confirmed unless otherwise indicated; talk titles indicative only)


Chair: Professor Shirley PearceChair of the College of Policing


Chair: Professor Laurie TaylorSociologist and Broadcaster

  • Professor Roger Graef, LSE and filmmaker: the documentary maker’s point of view (agreed in principle)
  • Professor Chris Greer and Professor Eugene McLaughlin, City University London: trial by media and scandal
  • Panel Discussion
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