APLE – Action Pour les Enfants – Thierry Darnaudet

This is the organisation which set me up in Cambodia. So far I have been busy building up evidence to prove how they are working and how so many innocent people (including many children) have suffered at the hands of this unregulated NGO (non governmental organisation). In due course I will be bringing this evidence to court.

The founder, Thierry Darnaudet runs APLE who are keen to see orphanages closed, yet Thierry Darnaudet lives in India where he runs orphanages! India is as poor and lacking in good child protection as Cambodia yet he does not run APLE in India?

If you ever think about supporting anyone or any organisation (particularly in Cambodia) please by responsible and check them out first or you could be inadvertently supporting child abuse! Don’t take things on face value – check out their background. If in any doubt don’t support.

I recently came across these two websites highlighting the problems I’ve experienced first hand.





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